AAI Year in Review 2023

In 2023, AAI continued to serve as the leading progressive voice for more vigorous antitrust enforcement and competition policy. AAI’s cutting-edge legal, economic, and policy analysis is made possible with support from our sponsors and donors. What follows is an “at-a-glance” summary of AAI’s major activities in 2023–across all areas of research, education, and advocacy.


Amicus Briefs

In re Assa Abloy AB/Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. January 13, 2023

State of Colorado, et al  v. Google February 17, 2023

NTE Carolinas v. Duke Energy March 20, 2023

FTC v. Shkreli March 30, 2023

In re Niaspan Antitrust Litigation May 15, 2023

In re Google Play Store Antitrust Litigation May 26, 2023

In re Google Play Store Antitrust Litigation August 7, 2023

Jessica Robinson, et al v. Jackson Hewitt, Inc., et al October 31, 2023


Comments, Commentaries, Statements, and Articles

AAI’s Kathleen Bradish Testifies Before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Live Entertainment Competition January 24, 2023

AAI’s Diana Moss Testifies at Senate Commerce Committee Hearing, Says Consolidation in the U.S. Passenger Air Transportation Harms Quality, Choice, and Connectivity for Consumers March 23, 2023

AAI Files Comments in the FTC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Labor Non-Compete Clauses April 3, 2023

A “Mixed Bag” for Antitrust Enforcement in the Tech Space: Implications of the Ninth Circuit Decision in Epic v. Apple April 27, 2023

AAI Files Comments with FTC on Business Practices of Cloud Computing Providers June 21, 2023

Busting the Live Nation-Ticketmaster Monopoly: What Would a Break-Up Remedy Look Like? July 11, 2023


Reports and White Papers

New AAI Analysis Focuses on Buyer Power Concerns Raised By Merger of Retail Grocery Chains Kroger and Albertsons February 7, 2023

AAI Issues New White Paper: Competition Enforcement, Private Actions and the Shipping Act May 2, 2023

New Study by AAI and AFREF Calls Attention to the Growth of Private Equity Ownership in Home Healthcare June 7, 2023

AAI Issues New Report — The Cloud Technology Market: Storm of Innovation or Rainy Days for Competition? June 21, 2023

New Report by AAI, UC Berkeley and Equitable Growth Calls Attention to Private Equity’s Voracious Acquisition of Physician Practices July 10, 2023

Class Action Issues Update Summer 2023 August 28, 2023



Antitrust Reform from Within the Federal Antitrust Agencies: Navigating Institutional Dynamics in Implementing Policy Shifts January 2, 2023

Taking Stock of Merger Enforcement Under the Biden Agencies: A Conversation With Steven Salop March 6, 2023

Airline Consolidation and Labor: A View From the Cockpit April 3, 2023

Powerful Buyers and the Grocery Supply Chain: What Does it Mean for the Independent Grocer? April 24, 2023

Private Equity’s Impact on Physician Practices: Unpacking Markets, Competition, and Prices June 21, 2023

How Do We Fix the Competition Problem in Shipping? The Role for Private Actions under the Shipping Act July 17, 2023

The Cloud Technology Market: Storm of Innovation or Rainy Days for Competition? July 17, 2023

Unpacking the 2023 Revised Merger Guidelines: A Conversation With the U.S. Department of Justice August 1, 2023

How Should Antitrust Tackle Antitrust’s “Duty to Deal” in the Tech Sector? A Conversation With Erik Hovenkamp, 2023 Jerry S. Cohen Award Winner for Antitrust Scholarship August 23, 2023

Praise and Constructive Criticism: The Pro-Enforcement Community Weighs in on the Draft Merger Guidelines November 1, 2023


Virtual Programs and Conferences

Virtual CLE Lunch & Learn: Investigating A New Antitrust Case May 17, 2023

24th AAI Annual Policy Conference: Taking Stock of Antitrust’s Pro-Enforcement Movement May 23, 2023

Virtual CLE Lunch & Learn: Crafting An Antitrust Complaint – The Necessary Building Blocks & More July 18, 2023

Virtual CLE Lunch & Learn: Now I’ve Filed My Complaint – What Can I Do As I Wait for the Inevitable Motion to Dismiss October 25, 2023

17th AAI Annual Private Antitrust Enforcement Conference November 02, 2023


Major Presentations and Speeches

Competition and Antitrust Policy: What’s Going On?, American Medical Association’s 2023 State Advocacy Summit January 13, 2023

A Refresh for Antitrust Enforcement Keynote, Mercatus Center Antitrust Forum January 26, 2023

Mergers: Private Equity in the Spotlight, GCR Live February 02, 2023

The Future – Proposed Change: Legislative and Regulatory, Domestic and the World, Antitrust and 21st Century Bigness: Dealing with Tech Platforms in a Globalized World February 24, 2023

JetBlue-Spirit Merger, NPR’s Morning Edition March 1, 2023

How to Achieve Lasting Progressive Change in Antitrust, Loyola Antitrust Colloquium April 14, 2023

Reigning in Big Tech, Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law’s GETS Conference May 18, 2023

Advancing a New Era of Antitrust, American Constitution Society National Convention May 19, 2023

Cutting-Edge Class Action Issues in Antitrust Litigation, ABA Program July 19, 2023

The Draft Merger Guidelines: First Impressions and Discussion, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy July 26, 2023

Assessing the FTC’s Complaint Against Amazon, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation October 17, 2023