For 25 years, the American Antitrust Institute has been promoting strong enforcement and progressive competition policy. Today, AAI is the leading progressive competition research, education, and advocacy organization in the United States. Our independent, highly-respected work has significant impact in all arenas: the courts, legislators, public and private antitrust enforcers, sector regulators, and international agencies. Please support AAI in 2023 so we can continue to execute the programs and initiatives that produce meaningful results for consumers, workers, and businesses that rely on, and benefit from, competition.

The AAI’s 2023 Sponsorship Program gives sponsors opportunities for access, recognition, participation, and partnership involving AAI events throughout the year. These events include conferences, competition roundtables, AAI’s Ruled by Reason podcasts, antitrust awards, network working events, and others.

A complete list of AAI’s 2023 sponsors is available here.


  • DIAMOND – $50,000
    Diamond sponsors provide comprehensive support for AAI’s mission.
  • PLATINUM – $25,000
    Platinum sponsors facilitate AAI’s multiple programs.
  • GOLD – $15,000
    Gold sponsors enable AAI’s innovative analysis and commentary.
  • SILVER – $10,000
    Silver sponsors support AAI’s conferences and roundtables.
  • SUPPORTER – $7,500
    Supporter sponsors ensure AAI’s access to research and staff resources.

Please contact Angela Tse at 202-828-1226 or to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

To secure a sponsorship today, please submit payment to:
The American Antitrust Institute
1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036

Online payment is available by clicking here.