AAI’s legal-economic research and advocacy emphasize competition in the balance between IP and antitrust law and within the domain of IP law itself.

Both intellectual property rights and antitrust are intended to foster innovation. However, the overprotection of IP rights at the expense of competition may harm consumers and undermine innovation. AAI seeks a balance between these two important areas of law with an agenda that focuses on the role of standard setting organizations and standard-essential patents, patent trolls, pay-for-delay agreements, product hopping, patent exhaustion doctrine, patent infringement remedies, and copyright on software interfaces.

AAI’s IP Competition Project accomplishes three important objectives. First, it brings together AAI’s existing research, education, and advocacy with respect to patent and other IP issues.  Second, it makes such work a key organizational priority.  And third, it expands AAI’s work in new directions.  Learn more about AAI’s IP Competition Project.