AAI’s Kathleen Bradish Testifies Before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Live Entertainment Competition

On January 24, 2023, AAI’s Vice President for Legal Advocacy, Kathleen Bradish, testified at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on promoting competition in the live entertainment industry and protecting consumers.

In her testimony, Bradish described Ticketmaster-Live Nation as a monopoly whose dominance up and down the supply chain creates the incentive and ability to limit competition to protect its market position. She noted this harms concert-goers, artists, and smaller competitors alike through higher fees, less choice, and less innovation. 

Bradish also discussed the lessons of failed conduct remedies in the Department of Justice’s 2010 Consent Decree. She urged the DOJ to take a new enforcement action that seeks effective structural remedies instead, either through Section 7 of the Clayton Act or Section 2 of the Sherman Act.

Finally, she testified to the need for multiple policy tools to address the Ticketmaster-Live Nation monopoly, including strong antitrust enforcement, legislation to enhance and clarify U.S. antitrust laws, and potential “rules of the road” to increase ticketing transparency.

AAI is the leading authority on the impacts of the Ticketmaster-Live Nation monopoly. For more than a decade, AAI analysis has shown how a lack of competition in the live music space hurts artists, music fans, and consumers generally.

Read Bradish’s full testimony here: Bradish_SJC Hearing_Live Events_1.24.23

Watch the full committee hearing here: Senate Judiciary Ticketmaster Hearing January 24