AAI Year in Review 2022

In 2022, AAI continued to serve as the leading progressive voice for more vigorous antitrust enforcement and competition policy. AAI’s cutting-edge legal, economic, and policy analysis is made possible with support from our sponsors and donors. What follows is an “at-a-glance” summary of AAI’s major activities in 2022–across all areas of research, education, and advocacy.



In re Niaspan Antitrust Litigation January 19, 2022

Epic v. Apple January 27, 2022

New York v. Facebook January 31, 2022

Regeneron v. Novartis June 20, 2022

Axon v. FTC August 16, 2022

Innovative Health v. Biosense October 10, 2022

Sidibe v. Sutter Health October 13, 2022

In the Matter of Illumin, Inc. and GRAIL, Inc. October 24, 2022

Deslandes v. McDonald’s November 10, 2022



Comments to DOJ, USPTO and NIST to Restore Bipartisan Consensus on Remedies for Infringement of Standard-Essential Patents February 7, 2022

Comments to Surface Transportation Board to Update Reciprocal Switching Rules for Freight Rail February 14, 2022

Testimony before House Committee on Small Business, Hearing on Fair Competition and a Level Playing Field March 1, 2022

Letter to DOJ on Proposed Merger of Ultra-Low-Cost Carriers Spirit and Frontier April 5, 2022

Commentary on Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Antitrust and Class Action Record, Competition Policy Implications of Her Supreme Court Appointment April 12, 2022

Comments to FTC and DOJ on Merger Policy to Assist Federal Agencies in Updating Guidelines April 21, 2022

Comments to FERC regarding Updating Natural Gas Facilities Certification Policy to Protect Competition and Consumers April 25, 2022

Article in Journal of Public Policy & Marketing: Modernizing Competition Policy and Law: The Impact of Marketing Developments on the Legal Treatment of Price Maintenance in the United States, the European Union, and China May 10, 2022

Comments to USDA on Agricultural Biotechnology Mergers, Harmful Effects on Growers and Consumers May 17, 2022

Commentary on Huntington National Bank and UC Hastings 2021 Antitrust Annual Report: Class Action Filings in Federal Court May 24, 2022

Article in CPI Antitrust Chronicle: Market Power Bottlenecks in Supply Chains July 5, 2022

Commentary on FERC v. the Biden Executive Order: Reversing Course on Competition in the Energy Sector? September 6, 2022

Letter to House of Representatives Leadership on Billion-Dollar Mergers, in Support of Filing Fee Proposal in the Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act of 2022 H.R. 3843 September 27, 2022



Report on Anticipating the Next Generation of Powerful Digital Players: Implications for Competition Policy January 18, 2022

AAI 2021 Impact Report January 24, 2022

White Paper on Apple’s Security Justifications for App Store Restrictions to Avoid False Negatives May 24, 2022

Report on From Competition to Conspiracy: Assessing the Federal Trade Commission’s Merger Policy in the Pharmaceutical Sector June 14, 2022

Class Action Issues Update, Spring/Summer 2022 July 20, 2022

White Paper on What Billion-Dollar Deals Mean for Stronger Merger Enforcement September 19, 2022



Efficiencies in Horizontal Mergers – 2020 Jerry S. Cohen Award Winners for Antitrust Scholarship Nancy Rose and Jonathan Sallet, with Guest Host Roger Noll February 2, 2021

Competition in Freight Rail – Unpacking Consolidation, Concentration, and Remedies in a Critical Part of the U.S. Transportation System February 7, 2022

How Should Antitrust Tackle Acquisitions of Nascent Competitors? A Conversation With Scott Hemphill, 2020 Jerry S. Cohen Award Winner for Antitrust Scholarship February 14, 2022

The “State” of State Antitrust Enforcement with Wisconsin Assistant AG for Antitrust Gwendolyn Cooley March 14, 2022

Invigorating Antitrust Enforcement – A Conversation with Carl Shapiro March 29, 2022

Litigation Funding is Changing the Contours of Antitrust Class Actions in the U.S. and Abroad May 4, 2022

The High Costs of Growing Corn – How Growers are Squeezed by High Input Prices That are Set by the Fertilizer Oligopoly May 24, 2022

From Medical Licensing to Health Insurance – Major Policy Issues That Will Shape the Future of Telehealth June 13, 2022

Toxic Cocktail or Essential Device for Protecting Competition – Recent Developments in the Empirical Study of Antitrust Class Actions August 2, 2022

Countervailing Power – Why It Cannot Save Local Newspapers or Competition September 27, 2022

Is Antitrust Agnostic? Enforcement in Markets With Outsized Implications for Society, Health, and Vulnerable Groups October 18, 2022



23rd Annual Policy Conference – Bringing and Litigating Antitrust Cases in an Era of Change June 15, 2022

Virtual Competition Roundtable – Harnessing State Antitrust Enforcement in Food & Agriculture June 29, 2022

Competition Roundtable – Breaking the Monopoly in Ticketing: Policies for Restoring Competition and Protecting Consumers October 20, 2022

16th Annual Private Antitrust Enforcement Conference November 9, 2022



National Association of Realtors, Housingwire Daily Podcast January 19, 2022

AAI’s Moss Reviews Biden’s First Year in Office at Mercatus Antitrust Forum January 26, 2022

Rethinking Merger Enforcement Panel, GCR Live January 28, 2022

Antitrust in the Public Eye, UC Hastings February 4, 2022

Is Consumer Welfare in Hot Water? ABA Hot Tub February 10, 2022

Antitrust, Breakups, and Big Tech, R Street March 16, 2022

Debate Around the Consumer Welfare Standard, ABA Spring Meeting April 06, 2022

Antitrust Reform in Digital Technology, ABA International Law Section April 29, 2022

Merger Remedies Policy and Practice, ABA Program May 09, 2022

Federal Trade Commission Conference The Future of Pharmaceuticals: Examining the Analysis of Pharmaceutical Mergers June 14, 2022

Antitrust Reform, Annual Hal White Conference June 23, 2022

DOT Aviation Consumer Protection Advisory Committee Meeting on Airline Ancillary Fees and Transparency in Distribution of Airline Information June 28, 2022

World Ticket Conference on the LiveNation-Ticketmaster Monopoly July 13, 2022

Bipartisan Policy Center on What Big Tech’s Online Practices Mean for Competition Policy July 26, 2022

OCM 24th Annual Food and Agriculture Conference July 29 , 2022

USDA Listening Session on Competition and Intellectual Property in Seed and Agricultural Input Markets August 24, 2022

Concurrences–GW Law 10th Bill Kovacic Antitrust Salon September 12, 2022

Antitrust and Airlines, ABA Air and Space Forum September 15, 2022

Microsoft–Activision Merger, USC Marshall Initiative on Digital Competition September 21, 2022

Media Mergers, IBD-OECD-CADE Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum September 28, 2022

The Digital Ecosystem: Innovation and Competition, LeadershIP 2022 September 28, 2022

Antitrust’s Role in Addressing Inequality, International Bar Association Annual Conference November 1, 2022