AAI’s Resources on the Live Nation-Tickemaster Monopoly

The American Antitrust Institute (AAI) is the leading authority on the impacts of the Ticketmaster monopoly. For more than a decade, we’ve been producing objective, detailed analysis that shows how a lack of competition in the live music space hurts music fans and consumers generally.

AAI has led the call for the breakup of the Live Nation-Ticketmaster monopoly. Our research and advocacy centered on the live events industry has been invaluable to legislators and policymakers.

We produced the first analysis of the ineffectiveness of the remedies in the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) 2010 consent decree settling the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. And when the DOJ amended the consent decree in 2020, AAI wrote the leading critique of DOJ’s decision to extend ineffective remedies rather than seeking structural relief by challenging the consummated merger or bringing a monopolization case.

Our work on this issue continues. In the meantime, here are some key AAI resources on the live events sector.

AAI Research

Working Paper No. 11-02: Live Aid? Assessing the Ability of the Ticketmaster-Live Nation Consent Decree to Restore Competition Levels in the Primary Ticketing Market

White Paper Says Ticketmaster-Live Nation Merger Should Be Halted

White Paper on Restrictive Paperless Tickets

AAI Advocacy

An Interview with AAI’s Diana Moss on the Ticketmaster Debacle

AAI’s Diana Moss Tells World Ticket Conference That Breakup is the Only Remedy for the Live Nation-Ticketmaster Monopoly

AAI Says DOJ Missed the Opportunity to Bust a Monopoly: Letter Unpacks Government’s Response to Live Nation-Ticketmaster’s Violations of the 2010 Merger Settlement

AAI Talks Live Nation-Ticketmaster Monopoly on PBS NewsHour and CNN This Morning, Says U.S. Needs Strong Antitrust Enforcement to Restore Competition for Music Fans and Artists

AAI Calls Out Ticketmaster Monopoly on NPR’s 1A, Highlights Importance of a Break-up Remedy

AAI Impact

AAI’s Work on Ticketmaster-Live Nation Merger Cited by Senators Blumenthal and Klobuchar

American Antitrust Institute Calls on Federal Trade Commission and State Officials To Investigate the Growing Threat of Restrictive Ticketing Practices