AAI Talks Live Nation-Ticketmaster Monopoly on PBS NewsHour and CNN This Morning, Says U.S. Needs Strong Antitrust Enforcement to Restore Competition for Music Fans and Artists

AAI President Diana Moss appeared this week on PBS NewsHour and CNN This Morning to discuss the Taylor Swift ticketing debacle. She explained that it is symptomatic of the harms wrought by the Live Nation-Ticketmaster monopoly since the merger in 2010. She explained how the company’s practices harm competition in concert promotion/venue markets, and in event ticketing. Consumers and artists pay the price with little to no choice, high ticket fees, and stifled innovation. Moss noted the need for a two-pronged solution–antitrust enforcement action to break up Live Nation-Ticketmaster to restore competition in live events and legislative efforts to establish the “rules of the road” on ticketing transparency and transferability. AAI’s resources and competition advocacy on competition in live events can be found here.

Watch the CNN clip below


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