An Interview with AAI’s Diana Moss on the Ticketmaster Debacle

AAI President Diana Moss was recently interviewed at length by Vulture magazine reporter Justin Curto about the ongoing pain Ticketmaster’s monopoly creates for music fans and consumers generally.

As the article, “What Would Breaking Up Ticketmaster and Live Nation Actually Do?” notes, the AAI has been focused on Ticketmaster for years — long before its merger with Live Nation made matters even worse of consumers.

“Dr. Diana Moss has been advocating for the companies’ breakup for years. As president of the American Antitrust Institute, she has had her eye on Ticketmaster since before the merger — when it already occupied an outsize share of the ticketing market…The AAI loudly criticized the merger and has called for a remedy following reports that Live Nation coerced venues into using Ticketmaster, which the Department of Justice later corroborated. Now, Moss says, Swift fans’ issues with Ticketmaster’s online platform during the presale are just a symptom of an obvious competition issue.”