AAI Year in Review 2021

In 2021, AAI continued to serve as the leading progressive voice for more vigorous antitrust enforcement and competition policy. AAI’s cutting-edge legal, economic, and policy analysis is made possible with support from our sponsors and donors. What follows is an “at-a-glance” summary of AAI’s major activities in 2021–across all areas of research, education, and advocacy.


NCAA v. Alston March 11, 2021
Google v. Oracle April 5, 2021
Impax v. FTC April 15, 2021
Olean v. Bumble Bee May 19, 2021
The PLS.com v. NAR, et al. June 2, 2021
Sanofi v. Mylan June 4, 2021
Olean v. Bumble Bee September 10, 2021
Benitez v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority September 27, 2021
Relevent Sports v. USSF October 15, 2021


Comments: To DOT to Request Public Interest Review of the American Airlines-JetBlue Northeast Alliance January 25, 2021
Commentary: Qualities of Effective Enforcers: Choosing Antitrust Leaders for the Biden Administration January 26, 2021
Article: Don’t Stop at Big Tech – We Need to Bust Big Agriculture, Too February 3, 2021
Comments: To FTC Opposing Proposed Rule Exempting Many Partial Acquisitions from Hart Scott Rodino Reporting Requirements February 4, 2021
Comments: To FCC on Verizon’s Proposed Acquisition of Tracfone April 2, 2021
Comments: To DOJ on UnitedHealth Group’s Proposed Acquisition of Rival, Change Healthcare May 5, 2021
Comments: To USDA on Concentration and Supply Chain Instability June 21, 2021
Comments: To FTC Multilateral Task Force on Pharma Merger Policy June 23, 2021
Article: Consolidation of Hospitals During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Government Bailouts and Private Equity July 20, 2021
Commentary: Why Federal Antitrust Enforcers Should Pursue a Policy of Blocking More Harmful Mergers July 29, 2021
Commentary: Antitrust Experts Review New Data on Private U.S. Antitrust Enforcement, Identify Trends That Must Be Reversed For Private Enforcement to Fulfill Its Increasingly Vital Role August 4, 2021
Statement: Letter Urging DOJ to Carefully Scrutinize Mergers in Media/Entertainment and Distribution September 2, 2021
Letter: To DOT and DOJ on the Domestic Airline Oligopoly October 13, 2021
Article: Realigning Merger Remedies with the Goals of Antitrust November 17, 2021
Analysis: Can the Biden Enforcers Flip Merger Policy? November 18, 2021
Article: Controlling Market Power in Digital Business Ecosystems November 18, 2021
Testimony: Diana Moss Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Consolidation, Monopolies, and Innovation December 15, 2021


White Paper: Update on Digital Technology: The Failure of Merger Enforcement and Need for Reform March 3, 2021
Report: Soaring Private Equity Investment in the Healthcare Sector: Consolidation Accelerated, Competition Undermined, and Patients at Risk May 18, 2021
Report: Market Power and Digital Business Ecosystems: Assessing the Impact of Economic and Business Complexity on Competition Analysis and Remedies June 1, 2021
Report: Antitrust, Dominant Firms, And Public Policy Problems: A Framework For Maximizing Success By Minimizing Uncertainty June 28, 2021
Report: Antitrust Law And Dominant-firm Behavior In The Digital Technology Sector: Toward An Actionable Agenda For Policymakers  June 28, 2021
Report: Class Action Issues Update Spring-Summer 2021 July 20, 2021
Report: Class Action Issues Update Fall 2021 November 7, 2021
AAI Issues Report: Privacy and Antitrust at the Crossroads of Big Tech December 16, 2021


Podcast: Antitrust Litigation in the Age of Big Data – How New Technology is Harnessed to Enforce the Antitrust Laws and Return Money to Victims February 2, 2021
Podcast: Class Action Issues Update – The Latest Developments and Looking Ahead to 2021 and Beyond February 8, 2021
Podcast: Market Power and Digital Business Ecosystems – A Discussion of the Impact of Economic and Business Complexity on Competition Analysis and Remedies July 12, 2021
Podcast: What’s the Beef? How the Beef Packing Cartel Hurts Producers and Consumers and How Independent Cattle Producers and Processors Can Help Restore Competition and Choice July 13, 2021
Podcast: Private Equity and Competition – How Private Equity Drives Consolidation and Undermines Market Stability while Flying Under the Antitrust Enforcement Radar August 4, 2021
Podcast: A Conversation with Competition Experts William Baer and Frederic Jenny – Enforcement and Policy Issues in the International Arena August 26, 2021
Podcast: A Conversation with Prof. Herb Hovenkamp: Competition, Consumer Welfare, and the Future of Antitrust Law November 16, 2021


Virtual Program: Competition Roundtable: Competition in Real Estate – Taking Stock of the “American Dream” March 17, 2021
Virtual Conference: 22nd Annual Policy Conference – Competition Enforcement in the International Arena June 15, 2021
Virtual Program: Competition Roundtable – Taking Stock of Competition in Retail Grocery – Consolidation, Buyer Power, and Consumer Choice July 21, 2021
Virtual Program: Competition Roundtable: The Darkest Side of Rising Concentration — Fear and Retaliation in Antitrust October 20, 2021
Conference: 15th Annual Private Antitrust Enforcement Conference November 10, 2021


Moss Joins Panel at Technology Policy Institute’s Event “Standard Oil to Microsoft: Monopolization Cases and Their Effect on Consumers” January 19, 2021
Moss Participates in National Data Privacy Day 2021: Examining the States’ Landmark Facebook and Google Antitrust Cases January 28, 2021
Moss Talks Tech Platforms at George Mason Law Annual Antitrust Symposium February 17, 2021
Moss Speaks at ABA 2021 Antitrust Law Spring Meeting on Standards for High Technology Deals March 26, 2021
Moss Joins Panel of International Experts for Discussion on Effective Competition Advocacy at ICN’s Advocacy Working Group Webinar March 30, 2021
Stutz Discuss Antitrust and Occupational Licensing at Policy Summit on Legal Services Reform April 14, 2021
Capitol Forum Hosts Discussion with Moss on UnitedHealth Group/Change Healthcare May 18, 2021
Moss Keynotes at The University of Governance in Berlin, Hertie School, Centre for Digital Dominance Workshop June 02, 2021
Moss Participates in Antitrust West Coast Conference: Speaks on “Big Data & Competition: Implications for Platforms” June 23, 2021
Laura Alexander Talks Real Estate Competition with Connecticut State Legislature September 24, 2021
Moss Speaks at the Concurrences 9th Annual Bill Kovacic Salon on New Antitrust Leadership & Legislative Agenda for Mergers: Will Congress Step up With New Laws September 27, 2021
Moss Talks Antitrust and Sustainability Issues at the 2021 ABA Air & Space Forum September 30, 2021
Stutz Joins Panel on Occupational Licensing Reform at Responsive Law Annual Policy Summit October 14, 2021
Moss Appears at Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention: Public and Private Power November 11, 2021
Moss Joins Panel on Merger Enforcement Policy at Third Annual Antitrust and Tech Conference “Ignited By Tech: The Next Merger (Guidelines) Wave” December 1, 2021
AAI’s Diana Moss Joins Other Economists at AEI Event to Examine Role of Economics in Antitrust December 3, 2021
AAI’s Laura Alexander Joins DOJ-FTC Labor Markets Panel December 06, 2021