Controlling Market Power in Digital Business Ecosystems: Incorporating Unique Economic and Business Characteristics in Competition Analysis and Remedies

From the August 2021 issue of the CPI Antitrust Chronicle, “Controlling Market Power In Digital Business Ecosystems: Incorporating Unique Economic And Business Characteristics In Competition Analysis And Remedies” explores how digital business ecosystems (“DBEs”) reflect the culmination of progressive changes in business models over the last 40 years. Coupled with the unique economic characteristics of the DBEs, these features amplify concerns arounds their ubiquity and significant market power. This article argues that existing competition analysis and proposed remedial approaches miss important implications of the complex business model and unique economic characteristics of DBEs. These include pervasive market failures, economies of scale in cloud computing technology, and algorithmic preference-shaping, all of which have myriad implications for assessing and controlling market power. If unaccounted for, these features will likely lead to competition analysis and policy approaches that do not appropriately target the source of DBE market power and vast capacity for expansion and growth.