AAI’s Resources on the Airline Industry

The American Antitrust Institute has been at the forefront of analyzing the impact of mergers on competition on the airline industry, providing expert analysis and testimony to regulatory agencies and policymakers. AAI has advocated for rigorous antitrust scrutiny of these transactions to ensure that they do not harm competition or consumers.

AAI has conducted extensive research on issues such as airline mergers, alliances, and pricing practices in the airline industry. We have been critical of the consolidation that has occurred in the airline industry in recent years, arguing that it has led to higher prices, reduced service, and diminished competition. We have advocated for increased antitrust enforcement to prevent further consolidation and promote competition in the industry, and have called for greater transparency in airline pricing practices.

AAI’s work on promoting competition in the airline industry continues. We are closely monitoring developments in the industry, including new mergers and acquisitions, pricing practices, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry. Through our research and advocacy efforts, AAI will continue to promote policies that foster competition in the airline industry and benefit consumers and workers.

AAI Research

AAI Issues New Analysis of Airline Joint Venture Agreements, Assesses Their Impact on Consumers and Labor

AAI Letter to DOJ Says Merger of Ultra-Low-Cost Carriers Spirit and Frontier Risks Higher Fares and Ancillary Fees, and Lower Service Quality

AAI Says Joint Ventures Reinforce Market Power in the Domestic Airline Oligopoly, Commends DOJ for Challenging the Northeast Alliance and Urges DOT to Overhaul Regulatory Policy

AAI Says U.S. Department of Transportation Should Revisit Policy on Antitrust Immunity for International Airline Alliances, Protect Competition and U.S. Consumers

AAI Tells Eleventh Circuit Not to Weaken Ban Against Price Fixing When It Involves Invitations to Collude Made During Investor Earnings Calls (Avery Ins. Group, Inc. v. Delta Air Lines, Inc.)

AAI Asks Eleventh Circuit to Preserve Full Damages For Overcharges (Siegel v. Delta Airlines)

AAI Issues White Paper: “Delivering the Benefits? Efficiencies and Airline Mergers”

AAI Advocacy

AAI’s Diana Moss Predicts Higher Prices and Limited Choices Due to JetBlue-Spirit Merger in Forbes

AAI’s Diana Moss Urges DOJ to Block Spirit Airlines and JetBlue Merger on NPR’s Morning Edition

AAI Speaks at U.S. DOT’s Aviation Consumer Protection Advisory Committee Meetings on Airline Ancillary Fees and Transparency in Distribution of Airline Information

Law360 Highlights AAI Analysis in Reporting on Latest Rash of Airline Merger Proposals

NYT Highlights AAI Opposition to Spirit-Frontier Merger, Cites AAI Work on Dubious Benefits From Past Airline Mergers

AAI Requests a Public Interest Review of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Approval of the American Airlines-JetBlue Northeast Alliance

AAI’s Moss in ABA Air & Space Lawyer: “Alliances and Antitrust Immunity: Why Domestic Airline Competition Matters”

Moss Testifies About Airline Merger Before Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Antitrust

AAI Impact

DOT to Review American-JetBlue Northeast Alliance Again After AAI Calls Process “Highly Irregular”

AAI Replies to Objection of SkyTeam Alliance Partners – Says AAI Comments on Antitrust Immunity for Latest Joint Venture Are Critically Important to U.S. Department of Transportation Review

Antitrust Experts Question DOJ’s Remedies in Mega-Airline Merger Settlement