AAI’s Diana Moss Predicts Higher Prices and Limited Choices Due to JetBlue-Spirit Merger in Forbes

On March 10, Forbes quoted AAI’s President Diana Moss in the article DOJ Files Lawsuit To Stop JetBlue/Spirit Merger—Here’s Why You Should Care. Moss warns that if the JetBlue-Spirit merger deal goes through, consumers will likely experience higher ticket prices and limited options. Moss believes that eliminating a low-cost carrier creates traditional anti-competitive harm and will particularly affect cost-conscious leisure travelers who will lose an important choice. From the article:

Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute, says that consumers are likely in for higher ticket prices if the deal goes through. “By eliminating a low-cost carrier, it creates traditional anti-competitive harm,” Moss says. “Cost-conscious leisure travelers are going to lose an important choice.”