AAI Says States’ Move to Block the Merger of Sprint-T-Mobile is Vital Leadership Step in Enforcing the Antitrust Laws

Over a year ago, the AAI issued a commentary “Why the Proposed Sprint-T-Mobile Should be DOA at the DOJ.” The analysis unpacked the proposed deal and how it would harm competition and consumers. Now, while U.S. consumers wait for the U.S. Department of Justice to take the important step of moving to block the deal, state antitrust enforcers have taken an important lead in protecting competition and consumers.

The American Antitrust Institute applauds co-leads New York and California and eight other attorneys general for taking this vital leadership role in enforcing the antitrust laws,” said AAI President Diana Moss. “If not stopped, the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile would harm competition, leaving consumers with higher prices, less quality and choice, and slower innovation in mobile wireless service. The states, working collaboratively in a landmark effort, have made it clear that protecting competition in their markets is a priority. We look to the states for strong enforcement at a time when, more than ever, consolidation threatens our markets, consumers, and workers.” Moss stated.

Yesterday, AAI President Diana Moss weighed in on the announcement that a group of state attorneys general, co-led by New York and California, have filed a federal lawsuit to block T-Mobile’s $26.5 billion bid for Sprint. In the article “States sue to stop $26.5 billion Sprint-T-Mobile deal” https://www.smdp.com/sprint-t-mobile-deal/176322 Moss said the states’ lawsuit could signal to other potential merger partners that there would be tougher enforcement from states even if the federal government permitted deals to go through.

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