AAI Petitions the Federal Communications Commissions to Deny the Applications of Sprint and T-Mobile to Merge

Today, AAI filed a Petition to Deny in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) docket no. 18-197, in the Matter of Applications of T-Mobile US, Inc. and Sprint Corporation For Consent to Transfer Control of Licenses and Authorizations. AAI’s petition is in response to the FCC’s Public Notice, and pursuant to section 1.939 of the rules. The AAI petition discusses the numerous reasons why T-Mobile and Sprint have failed to meet their burden of proof that the proposed transaction would benefit the public interest under Sections 214 and 310(d) of the Communications Act of 1934. AAI urges the FCC to deny their application to merge. A merged Sprint and T-Mobile would harm competition and consumers in U.S. wireless markets, with no credible or creditable benefits. On June 5, 2018, AAI issued the commentary “Why the Proposed Sprint-T-Mobile Merger Should be DOA at the DOJ.”  The Petition filed with the FCC takes up these arguments in the regulatory context.