The Fair Fight Film Initiative is an educational program designed around the award-winning PBS film, “Fair Fight in the Marketplace,” that highlights the history and importance of antitrust policies in strengthening our market-based economy.

The Fair Fight in the Marketplace Initiative will:

  • provide practical understanding of antitrust and the legal system that can be useful to people in their everyday lives;
  • promote awareness of current issues and controversies in the antitrust arena;
  • improve understanding of government’s role in implementation of antitrust laws and trying to assure fair business practices;
  • encourage effective and informed civic decision making about law and public policy related to competition and market fairness;
  • improve basic civic skills including creative and critical thinking, communication, observation and problem-solving

To purchase Fair Fight in the Marketplace for your classroom use, please contact AAI President Diana Moss.

The Fair Fight educational program was funded by settlement money resulting from successful prosecution of an antitrust lawsuit in the California courts.


About the Film