Production of Fair Fight in the Marketplace was made possible by a grant from the California Vitamin Cases Consumer Settlement Fund.

Produced, Written & Directed by
David Donnenfield & Kevin White

Mara Liasson

Executive Producer 
Bert Foer, American Antitrust Institute

Theron Yeager

Associate Producer/Additional Editing 
Marnie Berringer

Director of Photography 
Dennis Boni

Motion Graphics 
Sean Dana

Original Music 
Tom Disher

Sound Design/Mix 
Marc Pittman, Sirius Sound

Additional Camera 
Wah Ho Chan
Keith Martin
Randy Scoggins
John Sharaf
Doug Snowden
Greg O’Toole

Victor Campos
Chris Erickson
Sandy Hain
Jonathan Packer
Len Schmitz
Patty Sharaf

James Contreras
Keith Sikora
Chris Williamson
Steve Adams

Production Coordinator, D.C. 
Chris Cardno

Mara Liasson Hair & Makeup 
Kathy Greene

Ryan Hadaller
Mike Hershfeld

Website/DVD Design 
Justin Taylor

Bonnie G. Rowan Film Research

Zev Averbach

Production Assistant 
Jessie Beers-Altman

Post-Production Facilities 
Full Frame Productions
Elastic Creative

Curriculum Designers, Street Law 
Ed O’Brien
Judy Zimmer

Legal Commentator, Educational Version 
Tom Papageorge

Archival Footage Courtesy of 
ABC News Archives
NBC News Archives
Full Frame Productions
David Donnenfield Productions

Special Thanks
Danielle Avolio
William Bernstein
Joshua Foer
Ira Freeman
Deborah Garza
Howry, LLP
Jerry Kaplan
Robert Lande
Robert Levy, The Cato Institute
Rich Matteis
Rob Remar
Randall Renick
Guido Saveri
Harry Snyder
Laura Sweeney
Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, LLP
Rogers & Hardin Law Offices, Atlanta
Whittier Law School