Antitrust Bulletin Publishes Papers from AAI Efficiencies Symposium

The June 2015 issue of The Antitrust Bulletin features papers produced from the AAI’s June 2015 Invitational Symposium: A Multidisciplinary Examination of Efficiency.

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The Antitrust Bulletin
June 2015; 60
Guest editors: Gregory T. Gundlach and Diana Moss

Table of Contents

* Gregory T. Gundlach and Diana Moss
The Role of Efficiencies in Antitrust Law: Introduction and Overview

* Albert Foer
On the Inefficiencies of Efficiency as the Single-minded Goal of Antitrust

* Philip Nelson and David Smith
Efficiencies in Antitrust Analysis: A View from the Middle of the Road

* Richard O. Zerbe
Implications of the Fact that Losses Count More than Gains for Antitrust

* Thomas J. Horton
Efficiencies and Antitrust Reconsidered: An Evolutionary Perspective

The issue was edited by AAI Director Greg Gundlach and AAI President Diana Moss and is part of a special two-part edition that also features a tribute to past AAI President Bert Foer.