Bert Foer Tribute Issue of The Antitrust Bulletin

In June 2015, The Antitrust Bulletin published a symposium issue Recognizing Bert Foer and his AAI Founding and Presidency.  Leaders in the antitrust community contributed to the issue that was edited by AAI Director Greg Gundlach and AAI President Diana Moss.

Bert Foer also contributed an article, “The AAI Becomes an Institution: A Memoir,” in which he chronicles the creation of the AAI and his years as president of that organization. Covering the original vision for the AAI, the creation of its advisory board, the search for funding, and other challenges of becoming a unique education, research, and advocacy organization, this memoir traces the trajectory of a genuine American institution in the field of competition policy.

Bert Foer¹s article is available for download here.

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The Antitrust Bulletin
June 2015; 60
Guest editors: Gregory T. Gundlach and Diana Moss

Table of Contents

* William J. Curran III
Introduction: Prophetic Voices in Honor and Praise

* Albert A. Foer
The AAI Becomes an Institution: A Memoir

* David Lawsky
How Bert Foer Became Fashionable

* Harry First and Eleanor Fox
Are the “As” in AAI Anachronistic? An Imaginary Interview with Bert Foer

* William E. Kovacic
Antitrust in Context: Creating Historical Awareness for Competition

* Diana L. Moss
Passing the Torch: How Bert Foer Paved the Way for the Next Generation of Competition Advocates

* Robert Skitol
Bert Foer: Building the American Antitrust Institute into Antitrust’s Twenty-First-Century Bully Pulpit