AAI Publishes Second Week of Online Symposium Addressing Technology and Market Definition

AAI published the second part of its online symposium on Technology and Market Definition. This week, the symposium features pieces from leading antitrust practitioner, Jennifer Hackett, and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ Antitrust Division, Roger Alford. These pieces explore the practical implications of evolving markets for antitrust, using the marketplace for books and the strategic aspects of litigation as focal points.

The first part of the online symposium featured a pair of pieces from a team of enforcers from the state Attorney Generals and John Newman, a leading academic voice on antitrust and technology and former federal enforcer. These pieces contemplated the evolving reverberations of the Supreme Court’s decision in Ohio v. American Express and its implications for the role of market definition.

The final installment in the online symposium will further explore and elaborate on these themes, while examining the impact of technology on market definition in particular industries and the evolution of digital technology markets.