AAI Leads With Cutting-Edge Work to Invigorate Antitrust Enforcement Against Monopolization

AAI has been at the forefront of maintaining antitrust’s historic concern with monopolies, exclusionary conduct, and harmful vertical restraints. Courts and antitrust enforcers have significantly narrowed the scope of monopoly enforcement under Section 2 of the Sherman Act. Since 1998, our progressive approach has been a long-standing counterweight that has become all the more important in light of increasing market concentration in numerous sectors where lax merger enforcement and permissive conduct rules have created and sustained dominant firms. AAI advocates for aggressive enforcement to combat exclusionary conduct by dominant firms and a renewal of antitrust’s skepticism of durable monopolies. We support efforts to strengthen anti-monopoly law and have been instrumental in efforts to craft comprehensive legislative proposals to put monopoly enforcement back into the agencies and the courts. Below is a sampling of some of AAI’s leading contributions and victories on the monopolization front.

AAI Helps Deliver Substantial Victory for Monopolization Law in 7th Circuit; Stutz Commentary Analyzes Opinion’s Implications (Viamedia v. Comcast)

AAI Says DOJ Missed the Opportunity to Bust a Monopoly: Letter Unpacks Government’s Response to Live Nation-Ticketmaster’s Violations of the 2010 Merger Settlement

AAI Supports FTC in Qualcomm Monopolization Case (FTC v. Qualcomm)

New Analysis from AAI Shows a Weak Record of Antitrust Enforcement in Big Tech — Calls for Stronger Presumptions for Acquisitions of Smaller, Potential, and Nascent Rivals

AAI Asks Supreme Court Not to Limit Consumers’ Standing to Challenge Platform Distribution Monopolists (Apple Inc. v. Pepper No. 17-204)

AAI Releases Findings and Recommendations on Monopolization and Exclusion

With AAI’s Help, Eleventh Circuit Issues Strong Monopolization Opinion (McWane v. FTC)

Antitrust Experts Say Merger of Sysco and US Foods Would Create Dominant Firm in Broadline Foodservice