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Slotting Fees - Fees Charged by Grocery Retailers for
Shelf Space: Are They Stifling Competition? Feb. 9, 2005, statement before Calif. Senate by AAI Senior Fellow.


AAI Vice-President and Senior Research Fellow Diana Moss surveys the legal-economic literature on market power in electricity over the last 15 years, finding a rapid change in complexity, focus and sophistication of analyzing competitive issues, a cont

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'Myopic' Ruling Focuses on Broadcasters at Expense of Fans

Soccer - 23 July 2004

S. Robson Walton, Chairman of Wal-Mart Stores, will address the antitrust community’s hottest issue  - the power of mega-buyers and their impact on the marketplace - at this year’s conference of the American Antitrust Institute scheduled for  Tuesday, June 22 at the National Press Club.  Antitrust theory has traditionally focused on the power of sellers, but with the emergence of companies such as Walton’s Wal-Mart, buyer power has become the focus of the antitrust community in recent years.

Under the influence of the Chicago School of neoclassical antitrust economics, for the past generation, U.S. antitrust policy has paid only slight attention to anticompetitive behavior within vertical inter-firm relationships.

Summary by Diana Moss (AAI)

Presentation by David Cook (North American Electric Reliability Council)

The American Antitrust Institute and the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing hosted a roundtable discussion on antitrust and category captains at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. A summary of the event is available here.

In 2003, the AAI conference, “Antitrust and Access,” raised transparency issues to a new height. “The godfather of dereguation,” Alfred E. Kahn, accepted the Antitrust Achievement Award from Bert Foer. The Jerry S.

The 3rd Annual AAI Electricity Restructuring Roundtable revealed increasing need to plan for long-term transition, with unique mixture of competition and regulation. Summary report and presentations are here.