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The American Antitrust Institute 2015 Antitrust Enforcement Awards will recognize achievements in antitrust litigation by legal practitioners and economists.  The Awards will be presented at a gala dinner on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 following the AAI's Annual Private Antitrust Enforcement Conference.

The D.C. Public Service Commission denied Exelon’s proposed $6.4 billion takeover of Pepco Holdings, saying it was not in the best interests of the ratepayers. In a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice in February 2015,  the AAI urged the Antitrust Division to seek remedies to the proposed merger of electric utilities Exelon and Pepco. The letter lays out the rationale for why the merger was likely to harm competition and consumers and why antitrust remedies are compatible with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s access policies. 

AAI's Bert Foer and CFA's Steve Brobeck contributed a chapter on "Antitrust Advocacy" in the new volume: Watchdogs and Whistleblowers, a Reference Guide to Consumer Activism (Greenwood, 2015), Stephen Brobeck and Robert N. Mayer, eds.  Read the chapter here.

Today, American Antitrust Institute, Food & Water Watch, Iowa Farmers Union, Missouri Rural Crisis Center and National Farmers Union demanded that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate the proposed JBS-Cargill pork packing acquisition. The proposed $1.45 billion acquisition would create the second largest pork processing company in the U.S. The groups are concerned that increased concentration in the pork packing industry would harm hog farmers and consumers.