Variety Seeks AAI Comment on DOJ’s Warning to AMPAS on Rules for the Oscars

In an April 2, 2019 article, Variety published comments from antitrust experts, including AAI President Diana Moss, in Antitrust Experts Weigh in on DOJ Warning Over Oscar Rules Changes.” The article quotes: 

Diana Moss, the president of the American Antitrust Institute, said via email that the concerns were justified as “competition by non traditional forms of original content and distribution (e.g. streaming services) remain at risk from exclusive anticompetitive conduct by incumbents like film production and cable and broadband distribution.”

“Antitrust laws kick in when agreements among competitors have the effect of constraining competition,” Moss said. “Not everything that trade associations do would fall into this category, but the kind of rule that [AMPAS] is contemplating in regard to streaming services would be suspect.”