AAI’s 2019 Antitrust Achievement Award Winner, Professor Stephen Calkins, Reflects on His Career in Antitrust

At AAI’s June 2019 annual conference, our organization was honored to award Professor Stephen Calkins of Wayne State University Law School the AAI Antitrust Achievement Award. The award honors those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of antitrust. Professor Calkins is the 20th recipient of the award. We are delighted to post his reflections on his remarkable and productive career that has spanned academia, domestic antitrust enforcement, and international competition enforcement. In his remarks, Professor Calkins notes, “the American Antitrust Institute … has never been reluctant to speak out. For more than two decades the AAI has been a voice crying in the wilderness. Today it is still promoting competition, while also cautioning that competition law should not be used for purposes other than competition enforcement. Because of the key role that the AAI has played and is playing, I am particularly pleased and proud to accept the 2019 American Antitrust Institute Alfred E. Kahn Award for antitrust achievement.”

Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joseph J. Simons gave the introductory remarks which are available here.