AAI Year in Review 2019

Dear AAI’s Supporters:
2019 was a busy year for AAI. We advocated on key issues that directly affect consumers, workers, and innovators across all areas of competition enforcement and policy. AAI’s amicus briefs, white papers, letters, filings, and commentaries were widely recognized as the leading source of progressive legal, economic, and institutional analysis. Our advocacy work was critical in what proved to be a challenging environment for competition enforcement.  
AAIs research and education programs in 2019 targeted the pharmaceutical sector and digital platforms, bringing fresh analysis and diverse perspectives. Our two major conferences set priorities for strengthening antitrust law and increasing the effectiveness of private enforcement in an era of weak federal enforcement.
I invite you to take a look at some of our highlights from the past year and see why we remain the leader in shaping progressive competition policy. We look forward to serving the public interest again in 2020, as we expand important programs and take on new issues. But, AAI can fulfill its mission only through your support. I ask you to please support the AAI in 2020 through a sponsorship or donation. 
Promoting competition that protects consumers, businesses, and society is more important than ever. With your help, AAI will make further inroads and continue to highlight the vital role of antitrust enforcement in protecting our markets, our economy, and our democratic society. I look forward to another successful year.


Diana Moss
President, American Antitrust Institute


Commentary: “Why The Sprint-T-Mobile Merger Epitomizes What Has Gone Wrong With U.S. Merger Enforcement” February 12, 2019

Amicus Brief in Google v. Oracle February 26, 2019

Comments to DOT in SkyTeam-Virgin Atlantic Antitrust Immunity Proceeding February 26, 2019

Reply Comments to DOT in SkyTeam-Virgin Atlantic Antitrust Immunity Proceeding March 13, 2019

AAI Competition Roundtable: “Challenging Monopolies in Court – Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?” March 14, 2019

Letter to the U.S. DOJ Asking for Reconsideration of Policy Reversal for Standard-Essential Patents March 19, 2019

Comments to FERC with APPA and NRECA on Filing Requirements for Market-Based Rate Authority March 19, 2019

Article in ABA Air and Space Lawyer: “Alliances and Antitrust Immunity: Why Domestic Airline Competition Matters” April 16, 2019

Letter to U.S. DOJ Opposing Statement of Interest on Franchise No-Poaching Agreements May 2, 2019

Commentary: “The Vital Role of Private Antitrust Enforcement in the U.S.” May 14, 2019

Commentary: “Cracking Pepper: An Analysis of the Supreme Court’s Latest Pronouncement on the Indirect Purchaser Rule” May 17, 2019

Comments to U.S. DOJ on ACPERA Reauthorization May 31, 2019

Testimony in D.C. District Court in Tunney Act Hearing in CVS-Aetna Merger June 4, 2019

Class Action Issues Update June 14, 2019

20th Annual Policy Conference: “Strengthening Antitrust Enforcement” June 20, 2019

Letter to the U.S. DOJ on Google’s Proposed Acquisition of Looker July 8, 2019

White paper on Weak Merger Enforcement in the Digital Technology Sector July 8, 2019

White Paper on Auto-Parts Supercartel July 16, 2019

Amicus Brief in FTC v. AbbVie July 29, 2019

Amicus Brief in Stromberg v. Qualcomm August 12, 2019

Final Comments to DOT in the SkyTeam-Virgin Atlantic Antitrust Immunity Proceedings August 19, 2019

Economic analysis of U.S. DOJ’s Settlement in the Sprint-T-Mobile Merger August 21, 2019

Letter to House Judiciary Committee on Antitrust Rights and Forced Arbitration September 6, 2019

Testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee on Competition in Digital Technology Markets September 24, 2019

AAI Competition Roundtable: “Stemming the Tide of Competitive and Consumer Harm in Pharmaceutical Markets” October 2, 2019

Comments in Sprint-T-Mobile Tunney Act Proceeding October 11, 2019

Comments to the U.S. DOJ on Antitrust Treatment of Labor-Market Restraints in Complex Business Settings October 24, 2019

Letter to House Judiciary Committee on Antitrust Exemptions for News Content Creators October 28, 2019

13th Annual Private Antitrust Enforcement Conference November 12, 2019

Class Action Issues Update November 7, 2019

Amicus Brief in FTC v. Qualcomm December 2, 2019

Amicus Brief in AAM v. Becerra December 10, 2019

Amicus Brief in Impax Laboratories v. FTC December 17, 2019 (forthcoming)