AAI Welcomes Dr. Cristina Caffarra to Advisory Board

The American Antitrust Institute (AAI) is delighted to announce the addition of international competition expert Dr. Cristina Caffarra to its Advisory Board.

Dr. Caffarra is an expert in the application of applied theory and industrial economics to competition law, and the empirical analysis of markets in the context of competition investigations. She heads up the Competition Team for Charles River Associates in Europe – a team of economists based between London, Brussels, Munich and Paris.

“AAI is honored to add Dr. Caffarra to our Advisory Board,” said AAI President Diana Moss. “Her expansive and cutting edge work in competition economics and policy continues to drive the field forward in needed and important ways. Together with her strong and respected voice on policy innovation and reform in both the international and domestic arenas, Dr. Caffarra is a valuable addition to AAI’s Advisory Board.”

Dr. Caffarra has provided economic advice on landmark cases in merger control, assessment of vertical restraints, finding of dominance, evaluation of conduct including bundling, tying, rebates, price discrimination, exclusionary and exploitative concerns, issues around intellectual property rights, information exchanges, collusion and assessment of damages.

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Caffarra has directed and coordinated empirical and theoretical economic analyses on most of the high profile cases before multiple agencies and courts – from the European Commission to the UK CMA to the French Autorite de la Concurrence and many others. She has provided expert economic advice and testimony before the General Court in Luxembourg, the Competition Appeal Tribunal in the UK, the High Court in London, the High Court in Dublin, the Competition Appeals Tribunal in South Africa, and various other courts worldwide in several litigated competition matters.

Dr. Caffarra has particular experience in the economics of platforms and the digital technology sector – including work on frontline issues in payment schemes,  app stores, search, digital advertising, marketplaces, ridesharing, social networks and others. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Oxford University and is a Visiting Professor at University College London. She is a regular contributor to the policy debate and the recipient of various awards and recognition, including: GCR’s Economist of the Year (2013).

The AAI Advisory Board consists of outstanding experts in the fields of antitrust law, economics, and business, with a focus on both domestic and international competition enforcement and policy. AAI Advisory Board members are a vital part of the organization and play an important role in helping AAI promote competition that protects consumers, businesses, and society through its research, education, and advocacy programs.

A complete list of members of the AAI Advisory Board is available here.