Cristina Caffarra

Vice President, Head of European Competition Practice

Dr. Caffarra holds a PhD in Economics from Oxford University and is an expert in the application of applied theory and industrial economics to competition law, as well as the empirical analysis of markets in the context of competition investigations. She has provided economic advice on landmark cases in merger control, assessment of vertical restraints, finding of dominance, evaluation of abusive conduct, and several other competition/antitrust issues including bundling, tying, rebates, price discrimination, other forms of potentially exclusionary conduct, intellectual property rights, information exchange, collusion and the assessment of damages.

She has directed and coordinated empirical and theoretical economic analyses on most high profile cases of the last 20 years before the European Commission (including matters involving Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Hollywood Studios, Sky and others), the competition authorities of several member states, as well as the Courts in multiple jurisdictions. She has provided expert economic advice and testimony before the General Court in Luxembourg, the Competition Appeal Tribunal in the UK, the High Court in London, the High Court in Dublin, the Competition Appeals Tribunal in South Africa, and various other courts and arbitration in several litigated competition matters. She has particular experience in the economics of platforms and the digital economy – including frontline issues in payment schemes, app stores, search, digital advertising, marketplaces, ridesharing, social networks and others.

Dr. Caffarra has worked for research institutions both in Italy and at Oxford. She is on the Editorial Board of the European Competition Law Journal, on the Advisory Board of the Journal of European Competition Law & Practice (OUP), and is a Visiting Professor at University College London. She has published articles widely in competition journals and presented papers on the economics of competition law at numerous international and academic conferences.