The State of State Antitrust Enforcement – Playing a Critical Role Locally and Nationally

As the Trump antitrust agencies grapple with institutional and resource constraints, and private plaintiffs face mounting hurdles to class and individual actions, the 50 state attorneys general have become critically important antitrust enforcers in the United States. Randy Stutz, AAI Vice President of Legal Advocacy, speaks with Phil Weiser, the Attorney General of Colorado, and Kathleen Foote, the Antitrust Chief of the California Department of Justice, about how the states are picking up the slack in the U.S. antitrust enforcement system. The experts discuss important ongoing state enforcement and legislative initiatives, some recent dust-ups among state and federal enforcers over antitrust federalism principles, and how the states are thinking about and responding to competition issues raised by the COVID-19 crisis.


Randy Stutz, Vice President of Legal Advocacy, American Antitrust Institute


Kathleen Foote, Antitrust Chief, California Department of Justice

Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General



This podcast is part of a three-part series that unpacks the state of federal antitrust enforcement in view of growing concerns over declining competition and associated developments in state and private enforcement. The podcast series follows AAI’s recently released report “The State of Antitrust Enforcement and Competition Policy in the U.S” and is the alternative platform for AAI’s 2020 Annual Conference.



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