AAI Highlights Competition Issues and Healthcare Intermediaries in Letter to GAO

In a letter to the Acting Comptroller of the U.S. Government Accountability Office, AAI Vice President Diana Moss notes that AAI’s research and analysis indicates an urgent need for policy makers to probe into how markets dominated by only a few intermediaries and intermediary contracting practices potentially affect competition, consumers, supply chain stability, and broader healthcare policy goals.

Moss drew attention to a recent AAI White Paper: Healthcare Intermediaries: Competition and Healthcare Policy at Loggerheads? Among other case studies, the White Paper looks at the array of possible factors behind current drug shortages, including competitive issues and intermediaries.

The AAI letter also supports Congressional efforts to focus on the competitive issues surrounding drug shortages, including the November 15, 2012 letter from Congressman Edward J. Markey and five other members calling for a GAO investigation.