Wired Quotes AAI on Breaking Up Big Tech Via Antitrust Laws

In Wired’s June 7 article “Breaking Up Big Tech? Some Say Not So Fast,” AAI President Diana Moss weighs in on using antitrust laws to break up big tech firms. From the article:

But some experts are skeptical that using antitrust laws to break up Big Tech—at least in the way that has been proposed—would solve the problems lawmakers and citizens are most concerned about, like privacy. The strategy also might not be terribly feasible. “Putting the fix upfront, in proposing a breakup, sort of skips through a lot of really, really key questions,” says Diana Moss, an economist and the president of the American Antitrust Institute, a nonprofit that promotes antitrust enforcement. “That may not actually end up being the best remedy that would restore competition to markets and protect innovators and consumers and workers.”