Stutz Discusses Sabre-Farelogix Opinion with Bloomberg Law

The May 1 Bloomberg Law article “Sabre, Farelogix Deal Called Off But U.S. Defeat Still Stands” quoted AAI’s Randy Stutz on the Sabre-Farelogix Opinion that Stutz analyzed in AAI’s commentary “We’ve Seen Enough: It Is Time to Abandon Amex and Start Over on Two-Sided Markets.” From the article:

Given Sabre’s ultimate win in this case, companies may point to this merger decision to try to gain protection under the American Express ruling, Randy Stutz, vice president of legal advocacy at the American Antitrust Institute, said.

There would have been benefits to trying the Sabre case on appeal in order to get more clarity around the American Express Supreme Court decision, Stutz added.

“The longer we have to wait, the more sort of wasteful litigation we have to endure and the more confusion there is in the courts,” he said.