S&P Global Cites to AAI State of Enforcement Report in Highlighting Downturn in Antitrust Enforcement

In a September 15, 2020 article, S&P Global highlighted the findings of AAI’s State of Antitrust Enforcement and Competition Policy in the U.S. From the article:

“…experts say a Biden-Harris administration is likely to be a convener and mediator between lawmakers and the tech community amid bipartisan efforts to restrain Big Tech at a time when all four firms have been the focus of a probe overseen by the U.S. House Judiciary’s antitrust subcommittee.

It would be a different tack from the Trump administration, which has taken a more relaxed approach to antitrust issues. According to a 2020 American Antitrust Institute report, the administration failed to “protect competition at a time when markets are highly concentrated and evidence of competitive abuse surfaces with increasing regularity.””