Pradeep Mehta

Secretary General

A student of law and economics, Pradeep S Mehta studied at The Scindia School, Gwalior and St Xavier’s College, Calcutta. He is the founder secretary general of the Jaipur-based Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS International), one of the largest public policy research and advocacy groups in India, with overseas centers in Lusaka, Nairobi, Accra, Hanoi, Geneva and Washington DC.

He serves/has served on several policy making bodies of the Government of India, related to trade, environment and consumer affairs, including the National Advisory Committee on International Trade of the Ministry of Commerce and its working groups. He chairs the Advisory Board of the South Asia Network on Trade, Economics and Environment, Kathmandu.

Mehta has served on the advisory boards of Centre Advisory & Review Group of the Research Centre on Regulation and Competition, Institute for Development Policy and Management, Manchester University, UK;  Institute for Consumer Antitrust, Loyola College, Chicago, USA; Brains Trust of the Evian Group, Lausanne; the OECD’s Advisory Committee for Investment in Africa, OECD, Paris; Advisory Committee of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, New Delhi.In the past, Mehta has served on the governing boards of the Life Insurance Corporation of India, Mumbai; the International Centre for Trade & Sustainable Development, Geneva and the Consumer Coordination Council, New Delhi.

Currently, he is a Member of the Board of Trade; Better Regulatory Advisory Group; and Steering Committee on Ecomark of the Government of India. Among several advisory positions, he has been and/or is honorary Adviser to the Commerce and Industries Minister of India, Trade, Commerce & Industry Minister of Zambia and to the Director General of the WTO.

Mehta has been named as one of the 30 most famous columnists in India by a leading newspaper in India. Over 3,000 articles of his articles have been published on issues relating to consumerism, competition policy, and trade & economics.

He has written and/or edited several books and monographs such as: Competition and Regulation in India (Edition 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017), Towards a Functional Competition Policy for India; Competition Regimes around the World; WTO and India: An Agenda for Action in Post Doha Scenario; Analyses of the Interaction between Trade and Competition Policy; Multilateralisation of Sovereignty; How to survive as a consumer; Numbers, at what cost.