Law360 Covers Big Tech Probe, Seeks AAI Input

In a September 18 Law360 article “Probe Of Big Tech Could Yield Big Results,” AAI President Diana Moss discussed federal and state antitrust probes into Big Tech companies. From the article:

Critics of what they see as a weakening of federal antitrust enforcement under the Trump administration welcomed the AGs’ probe. Moss of the American Antitrust Institute pointed out that although the federal enforcers have been investigating and the FTC set up a tech-focused task force in February, “we haven’t seen a case.”

But Diana Moss, the president of the American Antitrust Institute, which advocates for rigorous antitrust enforcement, argued that a wholesale tech company breakup of the kind pushed by some Democratic presidential candidates is unlikely under current antitrust laws

“Antitrust is far more surgical,” Moss said.