Monsanto Bayer Remedy is Too Complex and Potentially Ineffective, Says AAI’s Moss (The Deal Pipeline)

Diana Moss was quoted in the May 30, 2018 The Deal Pipeline story Bayer, Monsanto Settlement Requires Extensive DOJ Oversight.

“This is going to be complex,” Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute, told The Deal. “There could be disputes, there could be arguments,” she said. The nonprofit sought to block the transaction over fears it would undermine competition.

Structural remedies are supposed to be clean, surgical one-time fixes that provide antitrust enforcers and merger parties with a sense of finality, Moss said.

The stakes are high for consumers, farmers and smaller seed companies who stand to lose if assets are not smoothly transferred and lost competition isn’t restored, Moss said.

Moss pointed to comparable deals blocked during the Obama administration that raised significant competition concerns and would have required extensive structural conditions.