Los Angeles Times Cites AAI on the Evidence and Implications of Lax Antitrust Enforcement

In a September 27, 2020 article “Big companies are swallowing up smaller ones. Why that’s not good for the economy,” the LA Times cites to AAI’s State of Antitrust Enforcement and Competition Policy Report. From the article:

“Lax enforcement of hundreds of transactions over time has resulted in ‘creeping’ concentration in many markets, resulting in tight oligopolies and dominant firms,” the nonprofit group American Antitrust Institute said in an April report assessing the state of U.S. competition policy.

The situation has only gotten worse in the last 3½ years of the Trump administration as merger and cartel enforcement actions have declined, said Diana Moss, president of the group, an advocate for stronger enforcement. “We haven’t seen any monopoly cases to speak of,” she said.