Law360 Covers Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings on Digital Technology, Cites AAI’s Work in Big Tech Acquisitions

Law 360 covered the recent hearings on competition in digital technology in the September 24, 2019 article “FTC Examining Big Tech Mergers It Might Have Gotten Wrong.” From the article:

Another witness Tuesday expressed concerns about lax enforcement. Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute, which advocates for rigorous antitrust enforcement, pressed specifically for a review of Facebook‘s acquisition of Instagram.

Moss, who’s been critical of the Trump administration’s enforcement tendencies, also argued the evidentiary standards by which FTC merger challenges are judged should be lowered. And she asserted that, despite public attention on social media company acquisitions, most big tech merger activity concerns scooping up business-to-business firms working in such spaces as cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Those transactions, Moss said, “seem to be flying under the radar.”