Electronic Frontier Foundation Reports on AAI’s Work on Weak Merger Enforcement in Digital Technology

The Electronic Frontier Foundation cited to AAI’s work on weak merger enforcement in digital technology in its coverage “Senate Antitrust Hearing Explores Big Tech’s Merger Mania.” From the article:

What is undeniable is that big tech companies have engaged in a massive number of mergers over the years. In testimony provided by the American Antitrust Institute’s (AAI) witness Dr. Diana Moss, the number of mergers engaged in by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are not only prolific but have been on the rise year after year (see below AAI’s chart). And yet, big tech mergers according to AAI’s research faced fewer actually challenges from the government than other sectors of the economy. A variety of reasons were brought forth by the witnesses such as the inability of the law to properly screen Big Tech mergers that typically include a substantially smaller company being acquired or just that the impact on competition and innovation were not apparent at the time.