Drug Pricing – AAI Provides One-Stop Resources on Competition Issues Involving Pharmaceuticals

Public debate over the pricing of important drugs is gaining traction in the wake of the EpiPen controversy. The AAI has collected resources here on key competition issues surrounding branded and generic drugs. Mergers of branded and generic drug companies and strategic anticompetitive conduct by pharmaceutical companies can affect drug prices, choices, and innovation in these important markets, with direct and significant effects on consumers.

AAI’s resources on pharmaceutical competition range from a documentary film on generic drug manufacturer Mylan’s past conduct involving an anti-anxiety drug to analysis supporting opposition to the recently approved Teva-Allergan merger. Also included are certain AAI amicus briefs filed in federal court cases that unpack key issues surrounding the use of patent rights to shape and control competition. This legal-economic analysis covers strategic attempts to delay the entry of generic drugs (“pay-for-delay”) and to move consumers from older-generation drugs coming off patent to next generation branded drugs (“product-hopping”).

Read AAI’s resources here:

 Fair Fight in the Marketplace Film Clip on Mylan Anti-Anxiety Drug Case Study

 AAI Letter to the FTC Says Generic Pharmaceutical Merger of Teva and Allergen Will Eliminate Important Competition

AAI Asks Third Circuit to Reverse District Court’s Dismissal of Class Action Challenging Brand Drug Manufacturer’s Reverse Payment For Delayed Generic Entry (In re Lipitor Antitrust Litig.)

AAI Urges Third Circuit to Hold That “Product Hopping” by Brand-Name Drug Manufacturers is Not Immune From Antitrust Review (Mylan Pharmaceuticals v. Warner Chilcott)

AAI Advisor’s Commentary on Pharmaceutical Competition Issues – Michael Carrier on EpiPen at NBCNewYork.com and Harry First on unfair drug prices and FTC Act Section 5 at thecapitolforum.com