Diana Moss Honored in Global Competition Review’s 2016 Women in Antitrust

AAI President Diana Moss is one of five competition scholars honored in the Global Competition Review’s 2016 Women in Antitrust (Academics).

Instead of listing traditional biographies with the award, Global Competition Review asked the academics to describe themselves and their lives as antitrust professionals. Dr. Moss’s submission:

“Competition law and economics is an exciting field. It is a small part of the discipline but vitally important to understanding and supporting a market-based system. Committing professionally to a broader goal, for the betterment of our society, has always been important to me. Women have an important and growing role in our field. They are good at seeing multiple perspectives, working on teams and integrating the many disciplines that are often part of the competition enterprise, and they are proven leaders in the field. Competition enforcement and policy will get more emphasis moving forward as market concentration, market entry, and income and wealth inequality gather more attention. Our ability as a profession to take on this challenge depends on mentoring the next generation of lawyers, economists, business and institutional experts. We have a great opportunity to open these doors to young women!”

New York University School of Law Professor Eleanor Fox, an AAI Advisory Board Member, was also honored for her work in U.S. and international competition policy.

Also selected for 2016 Women in Antitrust (Academics):

  • Amelia Fletcher, University of East Anglia
  • Fiona Scott Morton, Yale School of Management
  • Koren Wong-Ervin, Global Antitrust Institute at George Mason University School of Law