Deadline Article Highlights AAI Comments on Impending Agency Review of Merger Guidelines and the Media Industry

In a July 9, 2021 article “How Joe Biden Administration’s Stricter Scrutiny Of Mergers May Impact Pending Media Mergers,” Deadline asked AAI’s Diana Moss how the impending review of the current merger guidelines might affect media mergers.

From the article:

Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute, noted that the DOJ and FTC will be looking at both horizontal and vertical merger guidelines.

The Amazon-MGM and Discovery-WarnerMedia deals “flag areas where enforcement has been excessively permissive, on efficiencies and on higher concentration,” she said via email. “So, to the extent that these deals are before the agencies at a time when merger guidelines are getting a fresh look, we will be monitoring the outcomes for signals of how that matches up [with] invigorated enforcement.”