CNBC Cites AAI’s Study of Pharmaceutical Mergers in Reporting on House Democrat’s Call for Hearings

CNBC’s article “A top Democrat on the House antitrust panel sets sights on Big Pharma after wrapping up tech probe” cited AAI’s economic analysis of pharmaceutical mergers.

From the article:

Neguse wants the committee to examine the Federal Trade Commission’s common approach of requiring pharmaceutical companies to divest assets before approving mergers. The two Democratic commissioners at the agency have harshly criticized its historic approach to these mergers and pushed for more thorough reviews.

The agency has challenged 67 pharmaceutical mergers worth over $900 billion since 1994, according to data compiled by the American Antitrust Institute for a September report. But the agency only moved to block one of those deals and settled almost all of the rest with agreements from the companies to divest certain assets, according to the report.

Neguse wrote in his letter that these deals could have a harmful impact on consumer prices, which can sometimes be a sign of an antitrust violation.