AAI’s Kathleen Bradish in Bloomberg Law: Proposed Rule on Mergers’ Labor Effects Signals a Shift Towards Strengthening Worker Rights in Antitrust

Kathleen Bradish, AAI’s VP of Legal Advocacy, emphasizes the significance of the proposed rulemaking by US antitrust agencies in an article titled “Mergers’ Labor Effects to Receive Scrutiny Under New Filing Plan” in Bloomberg Law. Bradish states that the questions about labor in the proposed rule are “certainly aiming at new kinds of challenges.” The focus on labor issues in the merger review process indicates a recognition that the balance of power in labor markets is an antitrust problem, which could lead to more challenges and scrutiny of mergers that harm labor markets. From the article:

“The questions about labor are “certainly aiming at new kinds of challenges,” said Kathleen Bradish, the vice president of legal advocacy at the American Antitrust Institute.”