AAI’s Diana Moss Weighs In on JetBlue Antitrust Cases and Implications for Airline Industry in Report by Washington Post

In a recent article published by The Washington Post, entitled “JetBlue is at the center of two cases that could remake the industry,” AAI’s Diana Moss explains how the two antitrust cases involving JetBlue could have significant implications for the airline industry, including whether the outcomes could clear the way for more consolidation or make airlines think twice before trying to merge. Moss highlights the significance of these cases, calling them “really concerning on their own, but even more concerning because they’re both on deck at the same time.”

From the article:

“These are really concerning cases on their own, but they’re even more concerning because they’re both on deck at the same time,” said Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute, a nonprofit that seeks to promote competition.

Moss said blowback from those deals may have prompted carriers to refrain from additional consolidation, until February 2022, when Frontier Airlines announced plans to acquire Spirit. The transaction would have would have brought together two carriers known for offering cheap fares with few frills.

Moss said a win for the government in both cases would be wins for consumers and labor. Two losses, however, would be devastating for consumers who could see airfares rise and for labor unions who could see lower wages and job losses, she said.