AAI “Very Skeptical” American-JetBlue Partnership Will Benefit Consumers

In Politico’s January 16 article “Approval of American-JetBlue deal draws warnings of rising airfares,” AAI President Diana Moss said she was “very skeptical” the American-JetBlue code-share partnership will benefit consumers.

From the article:

Diana Moss, president of the antitrust advocacy group American Antitrust Institute, said she was “very skeptical” the American-JetBlue partnership will benefit consumers.

“Low-cost carriers, who have been dwindling away as a result of consolidation, are really the key to protecting and promoting competition and consumers,” said Moss, who has researched how airline mergers and alliances raise prices. “The biggest worry about this alliance is that it makes it harder for low-cost carriers to get a foothold in the market.”

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