“A Very Traditional Monopoly”: AAI Expertise Dominates the News

AAI’s Vice President for Legal Advocacy, Kathleen Brandish, delivered compelling testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Ticketmaster-Live Nation monopoly. The hearing – the first convened in the new 118th Congress – was entitled That’s the Ticket: Promoting Competition and Protecting Consumers in Live Entertainment.

In her testimony, Bradish drew on AAI’s substantial and highly-cited competition analysis, describing Ticketmaster-Live Nation as a “very traditional monopoly” that dominates the supply chain – limiting competition and hurting artists, consumers, and market innovation. She urged the DOJ to take a new enforcement action that seeks effective structural remedies, through, for example, Section 2 of the Sherman Act.

Bradish also focused on policy solutions to address the Ticketmaster monopoly, including strong antitrust enforcement, legislation to enhance and clarify U.S. antitrust laws, and potential “rules of the road” to increase ticketing transparency.

Following the hearing, AAI President Diana Moss, along with Bradish, were called upon to offer more insight and analysis on the Ticketmaster monopoly by media outlets across the United States and abroad.  AAI’s legal, economic, and policy expertise was clearly in high demand. Here’s a small sample from across the international media landscape of what AAI had to say on this critical consumer issue. 



AAI on Good Morning America

AAI on NBC News

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AAI in Vox

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You can watch opening testimony from AAI’s Kathleen Bradish here (courtesy of Forbes Breaking News).