Antitrust Bulletin’s Winter Issue Covers AAI’s June 2013 Invitational Symposium

AAI Director Gregory Gundlach edited a collection of essays for the Antitrust Bulletin’s Winter issue which is based on the AAI’s June 2013 Invitational Symposium “Antitrust as a Multidisciplinary Field.” View the Introduction and Overview of the Symposium By Gregory T. Gundlach below.  Other articles in the issue include:

    • How Competition Agencies Can Use Behavioral Economics By Maurice Stucke
    • Network Organization and Competition: A Marketing Primer By Ravi S. Achrol and Gregory T. Gundlach
    • Strategic Management Concepts for Antitrust: Cooperation, Stakeholders and Sustainability By Norman W. Hawker and Thomas N. Edmonds
  • The Influences of Strategic Management on Antitrust Discourse By Hillary Greene and Dennis A. Yao
  • Is Complexity in Antitrust a Virtue?: The Accuracy- Simplicity Tradeoff By Timothy J. Brennan
  • Dominance Thresholds: A Cautionary Note By Douglas A. Herman, Shawn W. Ulrick and Seth B. Sacher

Table of contents and chapter abstracts are reprinted with permission of the Antitrust Bulletin.  The Antitrust Bulletin is a Sage Publications journal.

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