Philip Nelson

Managing Director

Phillip Nelson is the Managing Director for Secretariat Economists. Dr. Nelson was Assistant Director for Competition Analysis at the FTC. He taught economics at Yale University and antitrust law at Fordham Law School.  While at the FTC, he served on the FTC’s Merger Screening and Evaluation Committees. Dr. Nelson has written numerous articles and two books, CORPORATIONS IN CRISIS: BEHAVIORAL OBSERVATIONS FOR BANKRUPTCY POLICY and U.S. INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS. He also edited the ABA Antitrust Section’s MARKET POWER HANDBOOK: COMPETITION LAW AND ECONOMIC FOUNDATIONS.

After joining Secretariat Economists, Dr. Nelson played a major role in matters involving mergers, price fixing, vertical restraints, Robinson-Patman Act, unfair competition, intellectual property, class certification, and damage issues. He has provided testimony and affidavits on antitrust, intellectual property, class certification and damages issues.  He has also analyzed competitive issues for FERC proceedings, contributed to dumping and Sect. 232 trade cases, reviewed transfer prices in tax and government royalty cases, and examined liability and damage issues in environmental damages cases, including Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) compensation cases. Among the industries he has analyzed are: pharmaceuticals, oil, gas, minerals, refineries, pipelines, oil field equipment, retailing, wholesaling, grocery products, vehicles, automotive parts, defense, pesticides, toys, electrical equipment, machine tools, plastics, chemicals, metals, household products, security exchanges, telecommunications, electrical utilities, insurance, cameras, computer hardware and software, integrated circuits, cable television, newspapers, grocery store products, retailing, fast-food, and health-care technologies and services.  He has served as a chair and/or vice chair of the ABA Antitrust Section’s Economics, Intellectual Property, and Health Care and Pharmaceuticals Committees.