Dan Drachler

Dan Drachler has over 30 years’ experience representing the interests of consumers, businesses, Native American tribes, and state and local governments in a wide range of matters. Mr. Drachler has held leadership positions in class action litigation and matters of public policy, both as an attorney and counselor in private practice as well as on behalf of state and local governments. Mr. Drachler was the recipient of the 2017 American Antitrust Institute’s Enforcement Award for Outstanding Antitrust Litigation Achievement in Private Law Practice. In 2016, Mr. Drachler received the CLAY Award as an Attorney of the Year in Antitrust for his work on the groundbreaking decision of the California Supreme Court in In re Cipro Cases I and II (Cal. 2015).

As Chief Deputy Attorney General of the State of New York, Mr. Drachler supervised and coordinated all legal matters for the 450 attorneys in the Department of Law throughout New York State. He also served as New York’s representative to the National Association of Attorneys General, was primary liaison with the Office of the Governor of NY, negotiated and resolved significant and sensitive cases, and supervised senior management.

Mr. Drachler has served in court-appointed leadership roles in numerous antitrust, RICO and consumer class actions over the past 20 years. Currently, Mr. Drachler serves as a member of the Tribal Leadership Committees in In Re: National Prescription Opiate Litigation (MDL-2804 N.D. Ohio), and in In Re: Juul Labs, Inc., Marketing, Sales Practices, and Product Liability Litigation (MDL-2913 N.D. Cal.). He was also appointed Co-Lead Counsel in In re Cipro Cases I and II, JCCP Nos. 4154 and 4220 (Cal. Super.). In describing the work of Mr. Drachler and his Co-Lead Counsel the Court said “I think everything about this case is extraordinary. · And in particular, the result, and the tenacity of the plaintiffs’ attorneys was extraordinary…. I think the plaintiffs’ attorneys did an extraordinary job.” (Hon. Ronald L. Styn, In re Cipro Cases I and II, April 21, 2017 Transcript of Proceedings). The Cipro cases settled for nearly $400 million on behalf of California third-party payors and consumers.