NBC News: AAI’s Kathleen Bradish on How Google Antitrust Trial Could Reshape Tech Industry

In the NBC News article published on September 15, DOJ v. Google: Landmark antitrust case wraps up first week, AAI’s Acting President Kathleen Bradish emphasized the significance of the Google antitrust trial, stating that its outcome would impact not only this case but also future efforts to regulate Big Tech. She highlighted the need for contemporary actions in the tech industry, asserting that the previous Microsoft case was outdated. Bradish’s remarks underscore the importance of this trial in shaping antitrust enforcement in the modern tech landscape. From the article:

“It will affect a lot of other cases as well and whether we can really use the antitrust laws to rein in Big Tech,” said Kathleen Bradish, acting president of the American Antitrust Institute, an organization that advocates for antitrust enforcement and has filed a brief with the court supporting the plaintiff’s case.

“The Microsoft case is one case and it’s 20 years old. So it’s really important to have something newer, something that reflects the current tech environment,” Bradish said.